Clover International School

Educational Philosophy

Educational Philosophy

Looking towards the future!

At Clover International School, we provide childcare and a quality education for kids. With an eye on the future, our aim is to help them soar into the world 20 years from now. We provide a rich multilingual environment which gives kids the opportunity to add English – a universal language – and Chinese – which continues to rise in popularity – to their mother tongue of Japanese. We also transmit values and skills that children will need to be successful in the future. Clover staff have spent years crafting the curriculum to help children learn in this multilingual and multicultural setting. It is our desire that Clover becomes a place that children can call a second family where they will make many lifelong memories.


Preschool1 ~ 2 year-olds

Preschool  1 ~ 2 year-olds

Depending on the season, we will sing and dance, take a walk, play in the sandbox, make crafts, and read picture books.
A foreign instructor and an experienced Japanese nursery teacher introduce English and Chinese to students while having fun through various activities. Teachers will tailor the lesson to students’ developmental stage and spark their curiosity in these new languages.

Open Monday-Friday
[Opening hours] South school 8: 00-18: 00 West school 8: 30-17: 00
[Monthly fee]
5 times a week (Monday-Friday)  76,000 yen
3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday, Friday)  50,000 yen
Twice a week (Tuesday, Thursday)  40,000 yen
* Flexible attendance system available
* Extended childcare provided

Kinder3 ~ 5 year-olds

Kinder  3 ~ 5 year-olds

Through numerous fun activities and daily writing practice, students learn to communicate in Chinese and English with their teachers and classmates. Our objective is to help kids acquire oral language skills for daily life. Teachers cover science, math, reading and writing while focusing primarily on their oral language growth.

Open Monday-Friday (5 times a week)
[Opening hours] South school 8: 00-18: 00 West school 8: 30-17: 00 
[Monthly fee] 67,100 yen
* Extended childcare provided
* Kindergarten subsidy option available. [Subsidy amount 37,000 yen / month]

Academy(Language Class)

Group Course: Junior – High School Students
Private Lessons: Young Adults
English and Chinese lessons are always in a small group instruction. Before starting the course, a bilingual coordinator will help students select a program that suits their language level, future study goals and individual needs. We teach the four language skills, focusing on them in this order: listening → speaking → reading → writing, according to age and learning experience. Our goal is to give kids a sense of joy and pride in being able to communicate in multiple languages.

Schoolchildren Clover ClubElementary school 1st to 6th grade

After school children study language, IT skills, and career readiness.

Clover Friends Club1st to 6th grade

After school, children study language, IT skills, and career readiness.
An English and Chinese program offered to Clover graduates and students returning from and extended period studying abroad.

Staff recruitment

Staff recruitment

Hiring: Mid-career recruitment (regular employee / part-time worker) 
If you have any questions, please contact us at or LINE QR code .

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School Locations

Okazaki Minami

〒444-0825  56-6 Hishida, Fukuoka-cho, Okazaki city, Aichi